Yoga – Holistic Healing B

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Yoga holistic healing B is the all-inclusive approach to physical and mental well-being that treats acute or chronic ailments, injuries or misalignments by bringing the whole body into symmetry and balance through yog– Postures

– Postures
– Breathing
– Meditation
– Relaxation
– Philosophy

Yoga techniques are adapted to meet the needs and capabilities of the student in personalised one-on-one programs that are designed specifically for each situation and should be practiced at home after the class.

Yoga holistic healing is distinct from other forms of conventional therapy in that it works to alleviate localised symptoms as well as addressing the causal and peripheral imbalances that would otherwise allow the problems to re-occur.

Yoga holistic healing recognises that the body and mind are interconnected through the agency of the breath and that there is a direct connection between mental and physical states and the condition of the breath. Long slow, steady yoga breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which creates a feeling of peace and calm and allows the body to heal.

The Yoga Holistic Healing B teacher training course is based on Yoga Holistic Healing A and continues to deepen your knowledge and training.

Now we work with more complicated health issues, as well as structural misalignments and organic problems, e.g. Anxiety, arthritis, asthma, blood pressure, chronic fatigue syndrome, constipation, depression, general fatigue, glandular problems, headaches, heart problems, muscle stiffness, post-traumatic stress, respiratory discomfort, etc.

As we rely on public volunteers and their particular health problems, it will depend on who attends as to what exactly is covered in these Yoga Holistic Healing Courses. We invite people with a range of different health issues. Students are welcome to return for future courses to learn more and keep up with the latest information.

It is a testament to our uniqueness that no two Yoga Holistic Healing Courses (A or B) will be exactly the same, as our volunteers will be different each time. You can continue to attend these Courses and keep on learning more.

There will be Yoga Holistic Healing classes with volunteer students from the public, so you get to experience working with real people. Learn how to put the theory into practice safely and confidently.

You will receive a Level 6 – Yoga Holistic Healing B Manual and a Yoga Holistic Healing B Certificate (if you pass the course).

Pre-requisite: Level 1 – Discovery and Level 3 – Foundation.

For more information about this Course and the next available date please contact our program director James Bryan

Fee – $1299 or Early Bird price of $1169 if paid 6 weeks before commencement of the course.

Just a short note to thank you for the Therapy A & B programs which were simply great. You both deal yogic quality in spades and it is truly Cairns’ loss to see you head south. But what is really notable is the element of amiable fun that you bring to the mat that makes the learning curve that much more interesting and vivid. Thanking you for all these years of instruction and insight.

Clive Parker – September 2017

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